Digitization-Document Scanning?

CCS offers your physical documents to confine them by utilizing the technology of scanning and convert paper documents into digital images in format like Tiff, Gif, PDF, and Jpeg files depending on client preference. The advantage you get here is by replacing the voluminous of document storage/retrieval and by having instant access to your information. Our Document Scanning capabilities ensure that you get electronic documents that can be searched, edited, re-formatted, re-used, re-purposed, indexed and organized into dynamic, live information assets.

Total scanning job on per click basic With free - Advance storing software

  • Speed : 15 to 200 Images Per Minute.
  • Storage : Adv. Software which Direct storing to desired directory.
  • Duplex Scan : Scan Front and Back Simultaneously.
  • ADF : Automatic bunch of paper can scan in few seconds.
  • Size : up to A4 or up to A3 size scanning.